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A reliable web platform is a basis for successful business. Website should be easy to navigate on multiple devices and have attractive design. We treat your preferences with a special courtesy to set up a flexible platform prepared to meet your future needs.

We provide a full range of integration solutions, so that you can manage the end-to-end e-Commerce journey on one platform.

Before taking any decision, we will provide you with the marketing research to ensure that solutions can be implemented at minimal cost and risk.

Depending on the scale of the company, we will develop the most optimal website for you:

e-Commerce Website
e-Commerce Website

An integral part of the network business for manufacturers and retailers

Corporate Website
Corporate Website

Communication tool to increasing loyalty and communication with customers

Business Website
Business Website

A web business card that is especially convenient for small businesses and individuals

Landing Page
Landing Page

The most profitable marketing tool for small and medium businesses

Business Directory
Business Directory

Sells your goods or services. It is easy to find through the search engines

Web Portal
Web Portal

Information and news sites, online media versions, thematic portals

How we help:

  • Match your business concept and goals with your visual preferences
  • Select the most responsive, attractive and intuitive web solution that can be implemented at minimal cost and risk
  • Understand the mood and spirit you would like delivered to your potential customers
  • Convey your ideas and create a web platform design for your approval
  • Test the usability of the web platform
  • Define with you the web advertisement plan

What you gain:

  • Web platform addressing your business needs
  • Professional work planning and detailed Technical Specification
  • Individual approach to your needs and desires
  • 100% satisfying project management and on-time delivery


  • 1. Needs Assessment This is a pre-project analysis during which we will get acquainted with your business, find out its goals, determine the needs of the target audience, and formulate the tasks that the site must solve.
  • 2. Project concept At the presentation of the concept we will tell you about what the site will be and show the main idea and stages of further development of the site. Your response will help us to correct the direction in which we are moving.
  • 3. Planning Designers and project manager will describe the structure, formats of filling and routes for users on the site, create project documentation and interactive prototypes.
  • 4. Design Designers under the supervision of the art director will create mock-ups and illustrations. They can also organise a professional photo shoot of your goods.
  • 5. Layout Layouts will go to the layout department, where they create web pages. Cross-browser compatibility, optimisation, HTML5 / CSS3, adaptive grids are all within the competence of our technicians.
  • 6. Programming Specialists will write program modules, create templates and bind them to the CMS, linking all the entities and implementing the projected sections of your site.

The last, but not least task is contenting. The content manager fills in the website section with information.

To maximise the effectiveness of your website we offer the ongoing support services for website promotion, contextual advertising and promotion in social networks.

Our projects are not only technically adjusted and visually harmonised, but they are responsive and selling.

Web support

Modern websites are increasingly complex operating within an ever-changing environment of new internet browsers, devices, website technologies and security threats. A degree of ongoing website maintenance and updates, to ensure a site’s continued ‘well-being’, is strongly recommended.

Technical support

A reliable technical support is what you need to ensure that your website operations go unhindered. Among these are core company values, customer support and best quality. These are of the most importance to us.

Technical support of your site can include the following works: backup of data; monitoring the restoration of the site from the backup; moderation and administration of forums; bulletin boards; fighting viruses; supporting interaction with the hosting provider; setting up and technical support for mail addresses on your domain; transfer of the site to a new server; assistance in domain registration; administration of the ftp server; monitoring of site traffic with the preparation of reports.

Content support

Content support of your site can include the following works: filling the site with content; copywriting, writing articles, creating photo catalogues of products; updating the site news feed (search and rewriting news and events on the site). It also cover the adding and updating materials on the site: articles, descriptions of services and goods, monitoring of the competitive environment.

Content support is a continuous process of monitoring the high-quality and high-grade work of the site, as well as its accessibility to users; we can also provide a design or re-layout of the documents and the advertisement banners upon request.

How we help:

  • Monitoring the site's operability, prompt and timely elimination of problems that may arise during the work
  • Take care of antivirus monitoring, backup
  • Test and track website pages to prevent or mitigate decrease of conversion rate
  • Ensure the timely payments for hosting
  • Introduce new functional modules and services

What you gain:

  • 100% working capacity of the site on all continents
  • Response within 30 min after problem identification
  • Preventive maintenance of a website is completed without interference of its operations
  • Transparent terms and price for service displayed in the detailed reports

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