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Our technical and SEO Audit is a full report of your website health.

It is carried out with an aim to improve your website search engine rankings.

We start with determining the effectiveness of your current campaign.

We analyse keywords usage, copy, social media, mobile friendliness, page links and much more.

SEO optimisation is complex and difficult to navigate on your own. While working with an experienced SEO company like us you ensure your company has a structured and winning campaign.

How we help:

  • Analyse the URLs of pages, a reference graph, the distribution of PageRank within the site
  • Analyse response time of the server, the size of the source code of the page, setting up caching in the site management system
  • Analyse external links, indexing in the webmasters Yandex and Google panels
  • Analyse the current visibility of the site

What you gain:

  • Full report on the effectiveness of your site
  • Solutions for improving of your website position in search
  • Optimised ways to find new target customers

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