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The power of social media has an unprecedented impact on businesses today.

Social Media Marketing (SMM) aims at engaging community online to interact with existing and prospective customers.

SMM strategy is an essential aspect of digital PR and customer service strategy. It is a way to be connected with complementary businesses in the industry. It helps aligning a company strategic route with a preferences of its target audience.

We assist with a setup of your company accounts in social networks. We help to arrange newsletters distribution. These efforts will help to build your brand awareness and attract your target group of customers to your website.

How we help:

  • Assess the progress of your business on social networks
  • Identify the savings opportunities
  • Analyse your competitors
  • Build a unified strategy for promotion in social networks
  • Gather the data on target audience
  • Agree with you and adjust your web advertisement plan
  • Design the content strategy taking into account your business specifics
  • Train and coach your team members the techniques of your company promotion on social networks

Good to know: We can help you to develop a number of motivational programmes to boost an online activity and engagement of your team.
Learn more how to build a highly effective team.

What you gain:

  • A content plan for 3 months with examples
  • Unique branded design
  • Targeted advertising: training, tuning and implementation
  • Identifying the ways of your cooperation online with communities and opinion leaders in your filed
  • Development and implementation of community-mechanics (actions, competitions, etc.)

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