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In outperforming organisations people are sharing their thoughts and observations. They motivate each other and acknowledge their contribution to the company growth.

Our Highly Effective Teams programme fosters a culture of open and regular communication.

We help our clients to define a clear link between talent and value and improve their team structure.

Happy employee = Healthy organisation

How we help:

  • Link your strategy to human resources
  • Align job positions with their contribution to strategic goals
  • Analyse the existing compensation approach
  • Suggest material and non-material motivational strategies
  • Design a Compensation & Benefits System
  • Design a Grading system
  • Tailor a balanced set of motivational programmes

What you gain:

  • Strategic performance indicators linked to people
  • Compensation scheme consistent with the size and goals of your organisation
  • Fact-based and equal approach to compensations and performance review
  • Set of effective Incentives Programmes
  • HR documentation in compliance with ISO 9001:2015
  • Improved information and communication in your organisation

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