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Enterprise Performance Management programme is a visual representation of a company success path.

It gives better understanding of business directions and areas for improvement. It increases accountability.

We build well-defined, methodical, and disciplined progress revision process for your company.

How we help:

  • Collect data on organisational context of a company
  • Assess company's vision, mission and values
  • Design a framework for strategic, group and individual KPIs
  • Link measures to strategic objectives/goals
  • Establish the management review process
  • Coach your team on implementation of the ISO 9001 requirements to progress revision

What you gain:

  • Analysis of existing strategy of a company
  • Establishment or revision of your organisation' vision, mission and values
  • Design of Performance Management System at management level
  • Visual management of targets and activities at all levels
  • Reporting system for regular revision of progress (monthly, quarterly, annually)

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