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Contextual advertising is an online advertising technique that enables your ad to display on a website that displays content matching the keywords of your campaign. Contextual advertising on the Internet is one of the fastest ways to attract potential customers to the website. Moreover, it is more cost effective than other conventional methods of marketing, as it is required to pay only for the ads clicked by the users. We provide contextual advertising services using our time-proven processes, coordinated by a dedicated account manager. We monitor the overall campaign activity oversees all campaign activity in real time.

Currently, there are three main contextual advertising services: "Yandex.Direct" and Google Adwords, which, respectively, refer to the search engines "Yandex" and Google.

The cost of the advertising campaign consists of a monthly budget for the placement of advertising and the cost of services for the conduct of an advertising campaign (calculated as a percentage of the budget).

How we help:

  • Conduct an in-depth analysis of the niche, target audience and competitors
  • Scatter the non-target audience to reduce the cost of advertising campaigns
  • Draft a media plan
  • Implement an advertising strategy paid
  • Install the Live Chat for additional communication with your clients
  • Obtain detailed analytics to increase the effectiveness of an advertising campaign
  • Test different advertisements for each segment of the target audience
  • Develop KPIs for company performance in web
  • Set up dynamic remarketing
  • Analyse the effectiveness of the site on the basis of conversion data and make proposals for its development and modernisation

What you gain:

  • Reduction of new client attracting cost and improved effectiveness of your website advertising campaign
  • Optimised advertisement budget
  • Transparent control system of the advertising campaign
  • Unlimited number of requests
  • Service for evaluating commercial factors of your website

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