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Starting a business or making a change in your current business model is tricky. It requires aligned resources and strategies. You also need a reliable technological support to make this move.

To help you with this, we focus on integration of three different capacities: Business Performance Optimisation, e-Commerce Expertise and Supply Chain Transformation.

Business Performance Optimisation

In our work on business performance optimisation we follow the basic concepts of riskā€based thinking, PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) and the process approach.

Firstly, we examine the efficiency and effectiveness of a company's current activities. Based on the outcome we suggest next steps to set up or improve the integrity of daily business operations.

We offer 3 main programmes to optimise the business performance:

e-Commerce Expertise

One of the greatest things about e-commerce is that it provides small businesses with opportunities to reach the customer independently of their physical presence.

To start with, we help to develop a strategy and align it with daily operations. Once the strategic directions are defined, we suggest a web platform solution to power profit growth through e-commerce advantage.

See the full description of what we offer:

Supply Chain Transformation

Due to the fast development and large influence of e-commerce, supply chains need to be transformed. The focus should be on fastest delivery, effective management of stock and excellent customer service.

Our Supply Chain Transformation approach helps to effectively balance the supply chain for reliability, efficiency and agility at lowest supply chain cost.

We offer 3 main programmes to increase the efficiency of your e-commerce business:

We believe we are more than just an advisor.

We feel a part of your business family, to share our experience and to contribute in your business growth.

We are sure that the positive human dynamics, trust and support in our partnership is the basis for outstanding results.

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